I will not tempt fate again! I'm sold!

I am a Believer! 240 may not sound good to some, but for me it means a lot! Anyone who knows me, knows that I've been struggling to get to 240 and stay there or under for a very long time now. As you know, I stopped my workouts with ChaLEAN Extreme after my 25th straight day of workouts. I had quite a month and I was beat!

So, I reverted to my usual eating habits, determined to gain the 5 or so pounds that I'd lost back and then some.

I know, self defeating behaviors. In fact, I had just gotten under 240--finally when I stopped! So, it was perfectly fitting that I would destroy all the hard work I had accomplished. Right?

It's a week later now and I made the bold decision to see how much weight I had packed on in my despair. Low and Behold! I had not gained even 1 pound! Not one! In fact I'm down a few points! Unbelievable! In the past I would have put on a solid 10 pounds in the same week of binge eating and such.

But not this time! My progress stayed and now I'm beginning again! The dedication to my workouts does pay off and it's not just more of the same old thing! I will not tempt fate again! I'm sold!

Month Two Another 30 Day Challege

I did them all and I'm still alive! Things couldn't be going better for me! This month has been tough, but I've made it this far. I'm looking forward to a strong month of May! I'm starting Day 1 of the second month tomorrow! Stay Tuned!