"Frogging" A New Idea in Dieting.

Instead of working for a year trying to reach my goal weight, I will make my first milestone within 10 or 20 pounds of where I am today. Just as a frog jumps many times to the finish line, I too, will take smaller more achievable leaps. I want to make these changes lasting and I feel that if I discipline myself to do maintenance stops at strategic milestones; I will make better, longer lasting progress. 

I want to purposefully create resting points where I bring my caloric intake up to a maintenance level and hold it there for a short amount of time. Rather than becoming discouraged and worrying about plateauing after several weeks of dieting; I can take planned stops, making sure that I'm not falling back into my old habits and gaining back all the weight I had lost plus more. Yo-yo dieting is just a plan I cannot live with anymore!

When searching for a long term solution, I find it necessary to institute a multitude of great ideas. I don't stick to just one diet plan, but use the best from many ideas and then add my own flavor to them. In my search to find accountability partners on line I came across a helpful website to keep track of my caloric intake and daily exercise at: Everyday Health. There I found it easy to sign up and use the tools they have there. 

I want to make lasting changes and for me, "Frogging" will be the style with which I attack this plan. So, for now, my goal is to get to 240 pounds. I hope you will try a goal that works for you too and may we all find great success together!