I will not tempt fate again! I'm sold!

I am a Believer! 240 may not sound good to some, but for me it means a lot! Anyone who knows me, knows that I've been struggling to get to 240 and stay there or under for a very long time now. As you know, I stopped my workouts with ChaLEAN Extreme after my 25th straight day of workouts. I had quite a month and I was beat!

So, I reverted to my usual eating habits, determined to gain the 5 or so pounds that I'd lost back and then some.

I know, self defeating behaviors. In fact, I had just gotten under 240--finally when I stopped! So, it was perfectly fitting that I would destroy all the hard work I had accomplished. Right?

It's a week later now and I made the bold decision to see how much weight I had packed on in my despair. Low and Behold! I had not gained even 1 pound! Not one! In fact I'm down a few points! Unbelievable! In the past I would have put on a solid 10 pounds in the same week of binge eating and such.

But not this time! My progress stayed and now I'm beginning again! The dedication to my workouts does pay off and it's not just more of the same old thing! I will not tempt fate again! I'm sold!

Month Two Another 30 Day Challege

I did them all and I'm still alive! Things couldn't be going better for me! This month has been tough, but I've made it this far. I'm looking forward to a strong month of May! I'm starting Day 1 of the second month tomorrow! Stay Tuned! 

30 Day Workout Challenge... What is Beachbody Doing for Me?

“Fight one more round. When your arms are so tired that you can hardly lift your hands…”  Keep Going!!!
Quote: James Corbett

I'm doing a 30 day challenge to keep up with my Beachbody workouts!
Anybody out there want to join?   

I started the Beachbody Workout, Insanity: Asylum last month, but suffered a two week setback with an illness. I accomplished about 12 days of daily workouts total in March. Even though I had the setback; I have not given up! I'm totally in love with the program!

I've found something that doesn't break my body down & put me into recovery for days at a time!

When I was walking for exercise I found myself having to spread out my walks to every 3 days or so. I wasn't able to keep up with it because my body would be hurting so bad I couldn't walk the next day. It seems that everything I've tried over this last year has put me laid out in bed for days at a time!

Since I've started with Beachbody I haven't had one day that disabled me & kept me down!
Not one!

I think the reason I'm able to keep with it, in spite of the Fibromyalgia, is the way in which the Insanity rotates it's workout through different areas of the body each day & since beginning with Beachbody, my life has changed in dramatic ways. I'm eating a mostly raw food diet and I haven't smoked in 11 days! Even my family is getting in on it.

I will be posting a photo of me every day from my workouts and sharing them here. 
Help me be accountable...

I had a setback last month but I'm back in the swing of it! I would love for anybody out there to join me with a commitment to workout or stretch every day for 30 days! You can join any day or time-just join and together we can change our destiny's  one day at a time!

It only takes 21 days to form a new habit! 
Let's put that to the test! Shall we?

I'm now a Beachbody Coach!

Click Here: Become Coach Today & start receiving all the discounts and benefits!

Before I even became a coach; I fell in love with the Beachbody workout I'd ordered! I was sure it would be way out of my ability zone, but I was determined to try anything. I can say with 100% confidence that my Insanity: Asylum work out is the best one that I've ever tried!
I was amazed by my ability to do some of these outrageous moves! I was sure I couldn't do it. True, I'm not doing them full out or as many reps, but I AM DOING IT!

I was even sick for a week and when I went back to the workouts I was still better. Where I had done 2 progressions; I now could do 5!

I've lost 10 more pounds since starting the Beachbody workouts! I haven't been able to get past 240 pounds for a year! 

My agility and flexibility is measurable every day and this is the one workout that doesn't break my body. It seems that the way they move the exercises around the body keeps fatigue and injury away! It's simply amazing!

Now that I'm a coach; I have the potential to earn an income, doing something that I love AND the BEST part... Getting in shape while I do it! Do I have a smile on my face? :) Yes, I do! I get super great discounts and make money at the same time!

There is something so different about these workouts!
A BeachBody workout is better than anything I've ever done before