Sarting the day...

To kick start my metabolism today I have had:

10 minutes of exercise, m
y first full glass of water. (I will need 7 more today),Oatmeal w/ Honey, Cinnamon, and fresh apple.

I started the day before getting out of bed by stretching. I suffer from chronic pain...
and injury from auto accidents of the past, so stretching in bed is the best way to align, stretch & wake the body up to the new day.

After that...It's into my office to check into blogger, but not before grabbing a glass of ice water. Dr. OZ says that Ice water will kick start my metabolism and I believe him.

On to breakfast...I don't have some of the foods I would like to have today so I decide to get a healthy portion of oatmeal.Honey and cinnamon will have to suffice.

Perched outside on my deck I discover the perfect way to turn this outside time into exercise & find that holding the railing serves as the perfect balance bar for yet another round of exercise. Leg Lifts and Shoulder Rolls will do the trick!