Truth be told, I binged all morning!

Today is a particularly difficult day. I’ve been in a lot of pain in my neck, head, and eyes. When I feel like this it is hard to function. I find that binging is my main source of comfort.

This morning when I got up; I just didn’t feel well. Chronic pain has been a close companion ever since the accident 5 years ago and believe me nobody wants me to, “Get over it!” more than I do, but some days that just seems impossible. 

It’s been 6 weeks without pain medication and I’m happy about that, however, some days the pain is too much! When I feel this way I tend to loose strength to eat right. 

The first part of the day I ate one thing after another. I started out right with my glass of water and a light breakfast. Not soon after I was back in the kitchen having a second course, then a third and so on, until I finally felt satisfied. It alleviated my pain for a while, but as we already know, this was only a quick fix. I finally took two Tylenol and lay back down to get rid of the pain.

When I woke, my headache was lessened, but in no way was I fully recovered. Its days like these that I can’t seem to find the will-power to resist the pain eating. I gave in to every yummy thing I’ve been moderating for the last eleven days. I wish I could say that everything I ate was a healthier choice, but was not the case. Sure, some things were good choices like my salad, but the peperoni was not. 

They say the first step to recovery is admitting that you have a problem. I recognize whole-heartily this problem that I have. I just don’t know how to fix it! I have tried endlessly and I continue to fall into the trap.

I'm beginning to identify the problem in its totality, but I still have no clear plan. Now that I'm coming around to this information I am going to make good use of it and see if I can come up with some ideas that work. 
If any of you have ideas that have worked for you; I would love for you to share them?