For All of Us Who Are Stuck...

You are not alone! There are more people stuck than not when it comes to weight loss. For instance, when I woke up today, I told myself I was going to stick to the plan and really attack my dietary goals. As it turns out, I'm finding it to be a difficult task and I'm wondering when this "Frogger" will actually be making the jump? 
Get the Lead Out!

Do any of you recall watching The Biggest Loser? Did you ever see the trainers tell contestants, "Oh! It's okay! You take a break. Don't worry about your weight loss goals; the pounds will just come off even if you're not working?" 

Heck No! Blood, sweat & tears are the only thing you'll see on that show! Whenever someone wants to slow down or stop, the trainers are hard and harsh! That's what we need to do with ourselves! 
Get Tough!

Today I want to be with you wherever you are. Next to the couch. In the drive-through line. At your lunch table and in your kitchen!

No more of this sweet, nice talk! Save your excuses for something else! Today is the day we make the jump and we continue until we've reached our next weight loss goals! Let the tears roll on out, but don't give up! I wish I could say there's another way to meet your weight loss goals, but there isn't! 

Get rid of the negative self talk and take control!

Every other web site out there is going to feel warm and fuzzy, but it's just sweet nothings! Sometimes we need to hear a harsh word and be held to a higher standard. What we're trying to accomplish is over ridding years and years of habits. This is not an easy task! If it were we wouldn't be reaching out for help in dramatic ways and constantly struggling. 

Personally, I'm unraveling 18 years of bad habits. My hope is that it won't take that long to get back to where I was before my habits changed causing my weight gain. 
I can't afford to be luke-warm!

When I think of all the years I've taken putting on these pounds! It's easy to get complacent, but I have to be tough and stop making excuses! I have to drink my water, take my vitamins, eat the veggies and change EVERYTHING from how I've done it in the past!

So, today when you're going about your day, just pretend that I'm right there screaming at you! I'd be quite annoying! When you start bargaining with your choices just think of what your own personal trainer would be saying?
"No! Don't give me tears and excuses! 
You don't get a break!