"The Biggest Loser" on Line.

This is what I wrote on my profile:

I was in an auto accident almost 7 years ago. The journey back to getting fit has been a long one. Just 3 years ago I couldn't even walk stairs. Now I'm finally able to work out. There a many painful days and sometimes I get really discouraged, but no matter what I keep working. Each year since the accident I have been able to do more and more. The doctors diagnosed me with Fibromyalgia and left me to fend for myself. I am no quitter and just today I was able to do 110 sit ups and I can walk up to 5 miles on a good day. 

My first great success was two summers ago when I backpacked 50 miles over 17 days. I thought I would never see my favorite water falls again, but I did! I can remember two years before that I stood 500 feet up the trail unable to go any further. That is when I began getting serious about giving everything I had to change my physical circumstances. At least three times a week I would go to the trail head where one of my favorite swimming holes was and hobble down to the water where I began working out in the water. Two years later I was standing at the water fall 6 miles up and crying my eyes out. It was the happiest day of my life!

It was no easy feat getting there, but that moment would mark a new beginning back to health. I have been working on my weight solid since April of 2012, but so far I have only had small achievements. I wish I could be on the show because I feel that I'm really ready and I could really use some help now. I've done a lot of work, but I really just need that extra help.

I was hoping to sign up for the new season tonight, but I must have been too late.  I was unable to find the link to sign up. So, I created a profile and have begun using the tools there. 

I just love the site! I've been tracking my calories and exercise today and it's working out really well!

I would love to be on the show, but last night when I went to sign up, I couldn't find the place to do it. It was so discouraging because I feel that I'm finally in a place where I could participate and be successful. Maybe I could actually be... The Biggest Loser!