'Turn Your Breakfast Bowl Upside Down'

I'm Doing it Again...

Recently on the Dr. Oz show; he introduced a new and interesting idea of how to save yourself 100 calories during your morning meal. Instead of pouring the cereal into your bowl first and then adding some sliced fruit on top, he suggested doing it in opposite fashion. Fruit first and then top it off with your cereal.

"Turn your bowl upside down." he said.

Last week when I was at the store I bought a 1/4 flat of fresh strawberries. So, when I saw his idea yesterday I could hardly wait to try it! I grabbed about 10 or so strawberries, which I washed and then sliced. I made a healthy pile in my bowl and then proceeded to pour my granola over the top. He was right! I used much less of the cereal and more of the fresh strawberries.

Being the analytical person that I am, I decided I wanted to know for sure if I had saved any calories. I measured out the two options being sure to keep my portions realistic and then calculated the nutritional information. 

Sure enough! The new option saved me MORE THAN 100 Calories! It actually saved me a total of…

136 Calories Saved!

Not only was it the same amount in bulk as what I was used to; I had the added bonus of the strawberries nutritional value. Strawberries have vitamins: A, C, E, K, B6 and Folate, as well as Omegas 3 and 6 fatty acids. Afterward, I felt super good and plenty full. I think it was just about the best bowl of granola I’ve ever had!

My investigation led me to a pretty great outcome and I believe I will never have cereal the same again! This blogger is a changed woman! Give it a try and check back to let me know what you thought…

Start tomorrow and turn your breakfast  upside down!